5 Social Media Tools

5 Social Media Tools

Growing your social media presence isn’t easy. This is especially true for a small and midsize business that are lacking the brand awareness and resources of their much larger counterparts. You can pay a professional social media company like Sky Marketing but if you decide to attempt the venture yourself, there are a ton of tools that help business owners build their brand.

Here are five online tools that’ll help you jump-start your social media presence.

1. Post content with BufferContent marketing is one of the best ways to grow your community. Yet, with so many social media platforms popping up, content sharing has becoming extremely time-consuming. It also takes a ton of time to get used to ever platform as they each have their own style and messaging. This is where Buffer comes in. This tool is a great way to streamline your posting and schedule on multiple platforms, making sure you’re talking to everyone where it counts. Plus, it’s a great way to keep your communications going on the weekend, a time when many users are interested in sharing online content.

2. Launch campaigns with LaunchCrew. When launch day comes, new businesses need to get the word out to as many people to have the most impact and increase the probability of being heard in crowded industries. Often this entails getting your current followers to share with their friends, family and connections. LaunchCrew will help you do just that. LaunchCrew asks your audience for their credentials to be able to post on their behalf on the day of your launch. This allows you to get that initial boost that you always wanted.

3. Create landing pages with Unbounce. Landing pages are now a must-have design choice to boost your online special operations. By customizing your landing pages toward your target audience and by including a more effective call to action, you can achieving higher click-through rates and conversions. Unbounce allows you to create landing pages incredibly fast, with no technical skills required.

4. Enhance sharing with Click to Tweet. It’s okay to ask people to share. But the simpler it is, the more likely you’ll get people to do so. By giving out a simple, pre-composed click-to-tweet URL for your audience to tweet in seconds, you’ll find that your potential for going viral is drastically increased.

5. Monitor and react with Mention. Once people start talking about you, the best way to continue growing is to detect these mentions and to reply to every one of them. By doing so, it fosters a lot of motivation for them to talk and mention even more about you, creating a network of trusted brand advocates. By having alerts based on keywords such as: your business name, your products, or  your competitors, it allows you to stay in the know and react in seconds by connecting your social accounts directly to the app.

With these five tools, you’ll find yourself developing and maintaining a clear brand voice in no time. And it’s then that you’ll start to see your online presence heating up.

By Eric Rothmuller
Chief Strategist
Sky Marketing