Five Tips To Get More Sales

Five Tips To Get More Sales

Sales isn’t everything in terms of running a business, but without them, you have no chance of succeeding. Your ability to generate revenue and sell your products, services, and yourself is the most important keys to running a successful business.

Here are five tips that will help you succeed in the art of selling: 

1. Remember you’re in the people business.
A lot of sales people forget that they are in the people business. They focus on what they’re selling instead of who they are selling to. Customers want to be treated like a person. This means remember that they are an individual and that they aren’t like everyone else. You need to treat them personally. I was recently at a coffee house and they clearly just thought they were in the coffee making business. They were wrong. They are in the business of making customers happy.

Grabbing a customers interest and maintaining is a surprisingly difficult to achieve. The sales people who tend to do this the best are the ones who treat every person as a unique individual who requires special treatment.

2. Focus on the results.
This may sound cut thought but it’s true. Sales is all about results. Most sales people spend the majority of their time procrastinating. They spend the majority of their time developing strategies, organizing, planning, and then plan some more. This doesn’t get sales. Getting in front of customers who will actually buy their product or service gets sales. Your success in selling isn’t determined by how many strategic plans you’ve made, it’s how many products you’ve put into hands of customers.

Don’t get me wrong, having strategic selling strategies are great, but getting sales is better. A properly ran business should always start out with a business plan. In any good business plan, there should be selling strategies. This means that by the time the company is running, all sales strategies should already be in place and the sales person can focus on selling.

A great sales person knows how to present their product or service in a way that causes the customer to take interest, pay attention, and buy. Every salesperson will have their own style of selling. Their style of presentation can really only be developed by getting in front of customers and trying to sell.

To sum up, don’t confuse hard work with sales. Hard work is great but sales are what keeps the business alive and everyone employed.

3. Appeal to your customers emotions.
Great sales people appeal to a customer’s emotions and create an urgency to take action. When a sales person awes a customer, they hold onto that feeling. You can awe a customers by your dress, belief, and presentation. You can take any service or product, even a boring one, and make it into an awe inspiring experience for the customer.

When planning your presentation, a good tip is to figure out what gap your product or service fills in your customers life and go from there. Know exactly what you are selling and understand that most of the time it isn’t a product or service; it’s the emotions attached to that product or service. For example: Let’s say you are selling window blinds. You aren’t just selling window blinds, or the look of the window blinds. You are selling privacy and security to your customers. Thus, you should appeal to these emotions in your presentation.

4. Embrace the discomfort.
The absolutely best sales people on the planet are the ones who ask the uncomfortable questions. They throw themselves into the fire every time. They are so convinced that their product or service is the absolute best one for their customer that they ask the tough questions and go in for the close. Embracing those uncomfortable moments are where the top salespeople live. Without asking the uncomfortable questions, you’ll never live up to your selling potential.

5. Ask for the sale.
This sort of goes back to the “Embrace the discomfort” section of this article but it really deserves it’s own spot. Believe it or not, most salespeople never ask for the sale. Studies have proven it. The fact is, your product, price, presentation, and everything else doesn’t matter a whole lot if you never ask for the sale. If you don’t ask, you’re pretty much just going to sell to those who were going to buy anyways. Asking for the sale drastically increases sales and productivity. At the very least, you’ll have an answer and can move on.

By Eric Rothmuller
Chief Strategist
Sky Marketing