Mobile Web Design

With Mobile Web Design from Sky Marketing, we will design a beautiful mobile-friendly website for you. This will not affect your current website at all. We create a totally new website which will be located at We then install what’s called a browser sniffer. This browser sniffer will automatically detect when someone is trying to view your website with a mobile or tablet device. These users will then be automatically redirected to your new mobile-friendly website.


We use the best mobile marketing methods to increase the customers experience and increase your customer conversion rate. It is frustrating when mobile viewers try to visit a website that isn’t mobile-friendly and most will just instantly leave and go to a competitors website. Don’t lose out on a huge customer base. Go mobile!
Mobile Web Design


Why You Need Mobile Web Design


You need mobile web design because the world is going smart phone crazy. More people are using smart phones and tablet devices for viewing the internet than ever before. This has made mobile web design not only a brand new industry, but an extremely important one for businesses. Without mobile web design, your website can become impossible to navigate.


Another reason to consider getting a mobile website is social media. Today, you’re more likely to be found on a social media website via a cell phone than a desktop computer. Within the United States, more than half of all adults access social media websites with their cell phones. When users are redirected from social media sites or search engines to your actual website, you need to make sure that they can properly read and navigate your website. This is where mobile web design comes in.


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